Flights of Fancy

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After months of painstaking preparation, 10,000 Miles is finally ready to take flight and begins her adventures around the world. We, at 10,000 Miles, firmly believe in a saying “Once you have the wanderlust in your blood, you have got it for life”. This is so true especially to some of us. There are so many wonders out there, waiting for us to explore and to discover and the utmost objective of 10,000 Miles is to bring our friends along to marvel at these wonders TOGETHER. What other joys could there be other than to bask in the pleasures of travelling with your loved ones and buddies.

planeBeing avid travelers who could not seem to beat the withdrawal syndromes after a holiday, we are always fantasizing about our next travel destination. We love to indulge in flights of fancy on places which are so off the beaten track. The untouched beauty of these places is the reason that draws us to them and we are not that selfish to keep them to ourselves. To our surprise, travel destinations which have become so touristy over the years still have hidden gems which are yet to be exposed. We are so wrong to think that we have covered a place well and we could not wait to begin our adventures to dig out these gems as well. We could hear the theme song of “Indiana Jones” ringing in our heads already haha.

To embark on this journey is not a simple decision, there are many factors that go into taking the plunge and there are certainly many challenges lying ahead. But come on, life is short, do not stay at home and get rooted to the chair. Get your butt off where you are now, put on your good walking shoes and join us. You are definitely in for great surprises and great deals. Horizon will not be the same anymore and trust us, travelling is the only thing that you spend that makes you richer. One of our favourite sayings goes “Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”. We hope to enrich your travel experience and turn every one of you into a storyteller after you come back home from a great trip.

Last but not least, we will, we must and we definitely can adhere to our mission by bringing you to where you want to go, bringing you to see the world you want to see and enabling you to inspire the soul you want to be. Get your passport ready (make sure it is of six months validity haha) and join us on our flights of fancy. Hope to see you onboard soon!

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