Who We Are

10,000 Miles is established by two ladies who are constantly thinking about travelling. A trip overseas will often result in serious withdrawal symptoms upon returning back to work. They knew their real calling is actually elsewhere.

With a love for photography and exploring the less-travelled path, Swee Hoon and Janice set out to introduce tours focusing on exotic places, photography and trekking to like-minded people. 10,000 Miles aims to sniff out off-the-beaten-track places (even shopping heaven like Hong Kong) and introduce interesting itineraries.

10,000 Miles endeavours to ensure explorers who join our tours will not only experience touch-and-go but also “feel” – developing a feeling for the place they have been to. The motto of 10,000 Miles is also to have FUN!

The world is big and there are many 10,000 miles for all to cover. 10,000 Miles would like to invite all like-minded friends to join them in covering as many 10,000 miles as possible. Let’s join in the fun and walk the extra mile with us. :-)

Departing to Lukla – the most dangerous airport in the world